Welcome to the World of Online Savings

Saving money online isn’t a new concept. But if you’re someone who waits all year for major shopping holidays like Black Friday or Prime Day, it’s time you got in on a little secret: Smart shoppers don’t have to wait for these holidays to save money online all year long. A little smart e-coupon clipping can make any day Prime day for your budget.

How Do Coupons Work?

What’s the number one trick for saving money online? Answer: never, ever pay full price. Ever. For anything.

With the exception of some exclusive luxury goods, you can find discounts and promotions for almost anything under the sun, from groceries or business expenses to home furnishings and travel . And flexing your purchase power has never felt so good as when you’re saving money as you shop.

Promo codes are usually entered during your online checkout process, but not every company makes them easy to spot. Always keep an eye out for small print or blank boxes to ensure you don’t miss out on a savings opportunity!

Check for Online Exclusive Prices

Pro-tip: you don’t have to physically shop around to find the best prices on consumer goods or services. A simple google search can often reveal competitive pricing among online retailers, and even deeper discounts are often just a click away .

To save money on your day-to-day shopping, though, you can also install a simple savings extension into your browser. These extensions can remind you to check for promo codes even when you’re not thinking about it, and even the little rewards can make a big difference in your overall budget.

What Retailers Accept Online Discounts?

Truthfully, almost all retailers run online promotion codes at some point during the year—even larger retailers or third-party sellers like Amazon and Ebay. But watching like a hawk and digging to find those golden codes doesn’t have to be a full-time job for you.

Planning on stocking up on summer supplies, or in the market for a new car? There are savings for that . Remember, in the world of online couponing, there is always a website that’s already done the hard work for you. Get in the practice of taking a quick look before you make any purchase, and you can save big.

Where to Find Deals

Deal Searching Sites: If you are desperately looking for the best price now.

Daily Deals Sites and Forums: If you can wait until a deal strikes

Other Interesting Deal Sites: They are not well known but powerful

Top 10 Sites and Reviews

...Go for reviews

Tips when you check out

If a website address starts with https:// instead of normal http://, the information is encrypted during transmissing and thus safer to information theft. Many online retailers today use this encryption technology at the money transaction step. So next time when you type in your credit card, bank account information, look for the extra 's' for security protection.

Expand Your Dollars

Coupons : Get coupons to save

Cashbacks : Get cashback from these referral sites

Cashbacks : Using credit cards with rewards or cashbacks

Prefer to Shop In-Store? You Can Still Save.

Even if you’re not a big online shopper, being internet-savvy can still save you money on most everyday purchases. Prices are sometimes lower online than in store—you can call it a convenience tax, as in-person shoppers are more likely to need an item immediately.

That said, many major retailers like Walmart and Target will price-match lower prices from competitor retailers or their own websites. All you have to do is ask.

As a conscious online shopper, you can save during all 12 months of the year, not just during “major deal” days. Shop smarter, not harder, and you’ll keep your budget in the green all year long.