How to Buy Safely

Safety is a crusial element in online shopping. Our philosophy goes by size: the larger the size, typically the higher credibility. (Even this may not always true, but we believe scammers will never last long in business world.) Here are the top 10 websites ranked by 2008 online sales numbers:

  • 1. Amazon           2. Staples
  • 3. Dell                 4. Office Depot
  • 5. Apple              6. OfficeMax
  • 7. Sears              8. CDW
  • 9. Newegg        10. Bestbuy
  • Note: Ebay and Craigslist are not included in the list since they are not considered traditional retailing stores. Often, you may find better deals in other online websites. To check out their reputation, use this link for reference. Here we recommend the top 10 list on the right site from our experience with valuable comments for each. This list will be updated and adjusted as time goes.

    Tips for safety on Craigslist transaction

    Recently there is an increasing trend for scammer activity at craigslist, please be aware and abide the following simple rules:

  • 1. Take only cash at a public location for any transaction
  • 2. If someone writes you an email more than 5 lines, do not reply
  • 3. If someone writes you an email telling you a story that he/she is abroad and will send you a check or pay through paypal, please just ignore
  • 4. Even if the payment is a money order or cashier check, it is still not safe. (Your bank may tell you the check is fake after several days.)
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Our Top 10 List

  • 1. Amazon
  • Our No.1 recommendation goes to the largest online retailer: There are many reasons make this online giant the best of best:

  • 1. The largest selection
  • Whatever you wish to buy, simply search a keyword and most likely you will find plenty of selections. Each item has a very detailed description with lots of pictures and even videos. Many times you may find the option for super saving shipping method to have the item shipped free.

  • 2. The best customer service (arguably)
  • I have several occations where I need a replacement or refund, it is very pleasant to talk with their custom service. If the item is damaged during shipping, it is very easy and convenient to get a return or refund without any charge.

  • 3. The reviews and rating system
  • This maybe the best feasure of I really enjoy reading the reviews by others. (Thanks to those who are so devoted to write a full page of review.) When I buy the product from other stores, I constantly check for its rating and reviews.

  • 4. Tax-free! (for most states)
  • Without promotion, the price of is fair. The price becomes competitive when amazon gives discount or temporarily lower the price. Combining with free shipping option and tax-free for most people, this often makes the best deal. To track the price change of a desired product, we recommend PriceDropFinder and camelcamelcamel.

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    Top 10 List (cont'd)

  • 2. Ebay
  • Our No.2 recommendation goes to Ebay, the encyclopedia of online mechandise. It is so unique and dominant in many areas:

  • 1. You decide the price
  • The bidding system is a fun and exciting experience. Many auctions start from less than one dollar, you get the full enjoyment of seeing something close to a real auction. You can purchase the product right away through "Buy it now" method. The price is often very competitive comparing with other places.

  • 2. The feedback system
  • You can view the seller's profile to get a sense of his service level. Most of time a trusted seller (100+ 100% positive feedback with 4.8+ DSR) has better service than any known retailers.

  • 3. User friendly interface
  • "My Ebay" allows you trace items you are interested to buy. "My Message" allow you keep effective communication with sellers. You get positive feedback and build your reputaion by making payment or your winning auctions.

  • 4. Tax-free and Relative Low Shipping Cost
  • Most items are tax-free with and majority items have free shipping option.

    However, several things you may need to pay attention to when you purchase at Ebay.

  • 1. You need to have a paypal account. Even paypal has certain protection of your rights, We still recommend you to make purchase through your credit card (this can be done in paypal).
  • 2. The merchadise is typically harder to return than if you purchase from a local retailer store. You may need to pay return shipping fee for most.
  • 3. You may not get full warranty of the product.
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